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Why Braces Are Overtaking Veneers As The Best Way To Achieve A Beautiful Smile

Veneers have been popular among celebrities for decades, but recently it seems that the tide is turning with more and more people choosing braces instead. Now, you may only associate braces with schoolchildren, but dentists have made such great strides in improving the experience of wearing braces that many adults now select this method to straighten their teeth. So how can braces rival veneers for achieving straightness, whiteness and uniformity of teeth?

Braces to suit you

First of all, you can take your pick from a wide selection of braces. At Evolve we offer seven different brace solutions, all of which are guaranteed to expertly align your smile. Braces are still the most reliable way of achieving the straight smile you’d like, and best of all, you can pick an option that fits in with your budget and particular requirements. For example, new innovations in orthodontics allow dentists to provide braces that are either invisible or almost invisible, with systems like Invisalign, Incognito, Damon Appliance and Six Month Smiles all offering this benefit.

Excellent results

While placing veneers can be enjoyable and rewarding work for dentists, many still prefer using braces because of the unparalleled straightening results that they offer. When using veneers it may not be possible to perfectly align the bite, because there are limitations to how much a patient’s original tooth structure can be altered. Teeth are typically shaved down before veneers are fitted, but they can only be safely trimmed by a certain amount, meaning that your end result may not be absolutely perfect. Some dentists try to sidestep this by fitting bulkier veneers on some teeth, but these can be uncomfortable for a patient and look a little too big for the mouth.

A more budget-friendly option

Braces are almost always a more economical option, with veneers costing anywhere between £300 and £2,000 per tooth. Compare this with the Invisalign system, which is seen to be today’s most desirable braces and cost between £1,500 (for minor tooth realignment) and £4,500, with other brace options priced even more affordably.

Lastly, once your braces are off and your teeth are aligned, your dentist can then contour any chipped or overlong teeth and you can follow this up with a teeth whitening service so that your smile is just as bright as porcelain! Even better, at Evolve we offer free home teeth whitening with all of our brace treatments.

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