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Why do adults have braces?

Why do adults have braces?

Adult braces are growing in popularity now that revolutionary removable or discrete fixed braces are available, meaning conventional ‘train track’ braces are no longer the only treatment option. Perhaps the two most popular reasons for seeking treatment are as a result of teeth moving as part of the natural ageing process or from not wearing a retainer following previous teeth straightening treatment.

What type of adult braces are best for adults?

Here at Evolve, we offer 3 main types of adult braces to suit all cases and lifestyles: 1) Removable braces (Invisalign ‘invisible braces’, Inman Aligner); 2) Lingual braces, discretely fitted behind the teeth (MTM No Trace, Incognito ‘hidden braces’); 3) Fixed braces (Six Month Smiles, ceramic brackets, stainless steel brackets).

What options are there to straighten teeth?

Adult braces can be fixed – either to the front or the back of the teeth – or removable, either in the form of clear aligners, like transparent mouth guards, or a spring-loaded appliance. In addition, our treatment options at Evolve include braces to treat anything from just the front 4 top or bottom teeth, to only the teeth visible when you smile, or up to whole arches.

How long does it take to straighten teeth?

Adult braces can work in less time than you might think, as most treatments complete in months, not years, sometimes even in weeks. Depending on the case, all of the revolutionary new straightening systems can often complete within 6 months, including Inman (6 to 16 weeks), Invisalign (12 weeks to 18 months), MTM No Trace (16 to 36 weeks), Six Month Smiles (26 weeks), Incognito (26 weeks to 24 months).

Is it okay to have adult braces again?

Yes, you can have your teeth straightened more than once. Indeed, we often fit braces on adults who used to wear braces in their younger years but whose teeth need to be realigned, usually as a result of not wearing a retainer, either at all or consistently, following their straightening treatment.

How much do adult braces cost?

Our prices for adult straightening treatment start at £1820 and include the following: all appointments and reviews, including follow-up appointments for up to 1 year; post-treatment fixed or removable retainers (when clinically suitable); home tooth whitening; 20-minute cosmetic bonding consultation with Carol.

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