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24 Harbour Road Portishead BS20 7AL

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Why see a Hygienist

At Evolve Dentistry, our Dentists work closely with our Hygienist team to provide the most comprehensive care for our patients. Our Hygienists are here to support our patients with the care of their teeth and gums.

Whilst you will need to see your Dentist regularly for your healthy mouth reviews to diagnose any decay or treat complex dental issues, you can see a Dental Hygienist rather than a Dentist for any gum related issues and to help with prevention of dental disease.

What does a Hygienist do?

Hygienists are trained to maintain and treat any level of gum disease or periodontal disease and support you with your oral health care. Over time soft plaque in the mouth can calcify and causes inflammation of the gum, harbouring bacteria. Our Hygienists will remove these hard deposits and making it easier for you to maintain at home.

They can also provide advise on how best to look after your teeth and gums at home. This may include changing your toothbrush or toothbrushing techniques and showing you how to clean in between your teeth with something like floss or an interdental brush.

They can also take impressions, X-rays, arrange tooth whitening with a prescription from a Dentist, fissure seal children’s teeth to protect them and perform oral cancer screening.

At Evolve we can see patients that are not registered with the practice. To book an appointment with one of our Hygienists, call us on 01275 842 550.

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Evolve Dentistry | Dentist in Portishead, Somerset

24 Harbour Road Portishead BS20 7AL


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