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Bristol Dentist Offers Invisible Orthodontics

With how you look becoming a bigger concern for more and more people many of those people are turning to their dentist to help them with a more confident smile. The biggest issue facing these people is that conventional orthodontics, to move crooked teeth, use metal wires and brackets. So the very reason a person may chose to have straighter teeth (to feel confident) is then set against them as they need to have confidence draining metal brackets.

How does this Bristol Orthodontist differ?

To overcome this problem we offer 2 alternatives that are invisible. These invisible tooth movement systems have the following advantages:

  1. Invisible Braces mean you can be ‘on show’ at work or socially and still feel confident
  2. Your friends will never know that you are wearing invisible orthodontics – unless you decide to tell them
  3. Your teeth will be straighter afterwards for a more confident smile

How comfortable are invisible orthodontics?

Generally speaking this type of tooth movement system is very comfortable to wear. There is always some mild pressure on your teeth as they are being moved, this is normal and to be expected. When you wear a new orthodontic appliance the initial pressure is much higher, however as your teeth gently move in to their new position this will gradually fade and you will become less aware of the pressure on your teeth.

How to get Invisible Braces

We offer 2 different varieties of clear and invisible braces at Evolve Dentistry. One of the systems fits on the inside of your teeth and the other is a clear system that fits on the outside. There are many reasons to chose one type of brace over the other so the best way to make that decision is to book for an appointment to discuss your options.

Our Portishead Dental Practice is situated on the outskirts of Bristol making travelling to us a simple and easy process.

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