Case Study – Stewart Roberts

Stewart Roberts had an amalgam mercury filling a long time ago. It was going well at first, but then he eventually started experiencing discomfort in his health. And that’s when the anxiety attacks started.

The Risk
Dental amalgam is a common material used to fill cavities. Fillings made with amalgam also are known as silver fillings. Some researchers claim dental amalgam filling is safe. However, it still involves a lot of risks. Amalgam is a combination of metals that have been the most popular and effective filling material used in dentistry for the last 150 years. Amalgam actually consists of a combination of metals, which include silver, mercury, tin and copper. Small amounts of zinc, indium or palladium also may be used. Hence, there is a huge risk when you undergo this dental procedure especially that there is mercury involve. This chemical compound is included in the amalgam filling to make it soft and pliable so that amalgam can be placed within a tooth. Once placed in the tooth, amalgam fillings harden quickly, becoming solid to withstand biting and chewing.

It is an open knowledge that mercury poses a danger to the body. It is a naturally occurring metal but is categorised as extremely toxic with known health effects from exposure to high amounts including autoimmune, kidney and neurological. Experts say that low-level or small amount of mercury is reported to have no negative health effects but it can also build up in body tissue from other sources such as diet and pollution. Hence, there are people who have undergone dental amalgam filling before who are undergoing Mercury amalgam extraction procedure to get rid of the mercury.

Anxiety attacks
Stewart was happy with his dental amalgam filling before. Until he started experiencing some health issues. He started suffering from tinnitus and been anxious for no reason at all. In addition to that, he’d been losing sleep because of the discomfort he was experiencing in his body. He also experienced tension headaches. Worried and curious about what was happening to him, Stewart decided to research his health condition and he found out that the mercury component in his dental filling played a big factor in what he was experiencing.

Mercury removal
Wanting to put an end to his health issues and his anxiety regarding the mercury in his teeth, Stewart decided to visit Evolve Dentist Clinic and inquired about the Mercury Amalgam Extraction/Replacement procedure. He had a consultation with Carol Roberts, who is highly experienced in amalgam removal. Stewart felt confident in the procedure after talking with Carol that he decided to proceed with the mercury removal right away.

Getting back in shape
After his mercury removal procedure, Stewart was very pleased with the changes in his condition. His sleep was better and his tension headache’s gone. He is also much calmer and stopped experiencing anxiety attacks.

“I can concentrate again at work and I am enjoying teaching and playing/conducting music again! I still suffer from a bit of tinnitus but I can handle that. Basically, I’ve got my life back! And you and Evolve Dentistry helped to make that happen. I’m hugely grateful to you all for this and if ever you need a case-study patient, I’d be very happy to write about the effects mercury amalgam fillings had on my health and the difference I’ve experienced since extraction.”

As a follow up, he has also made changes to his diet, including eating lots of fruit and vegetables such as lemons, spinach, nuts and all the other healthy options.

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