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Charlotte Completes Her Treatment – In Just 18 Weeks!

So, I’ve had straight teeth for two months now and it’s amazing! People who know me (and know the story) all think that the difference is incredible. I now smile!

Whilst I had the brace fitted, the majority of people didn’t even notice (even people I’ve known for years)! Those that did notice, wanted to know all the details, ‘Did it hurt?’, ‘What couldn’t I eat?’, ‘Was it going to be on for years?’ It was a great conversation starter and I was happy to talk about what was happening, and the outcome I was looking forward to.

I never thought that I would enjoy talking about my teeth, as until recently, it’s been a topic that I have avoided at all costs. But now I tell, and show everyone! (Apologies to friends who I may have bored to death in recent months!!).

It’s when I’m talking to people that I don’t know, that I really notice the difference though. I don’t worry about entering into conversation with someone new – I don’t try to cover my mouth, not smile, or worry now about what they ‘might think’ of my teeth. For that reason, I suppose it’s given me a new confidence.

I realise that all of the questions I was asked about the brace were pretty negative (as I just said), they were ‘Does it hurt’, ‘Will you have it for years?’, ‘What can’t you do when your brace is on?’.

Nobody should be concerned about the negatives of having a brace fitted, because the positive (end result), outweighs any discomfort or inconvenience along the way.

‘Did it hurt?’ – yeah it was slightly uncomfortable for about 48hrs. When I say slightly uncomfortable, I didn’t take any tablets as it was no worse than a mild headache. It rubbed a little bit (like twice), but that could be dealt with easily using the nifty wax you’re given!

Did I have to wear it for years?’ No. 18weeks and the transformation in that time, for me, was unimaginable.

‘What can’t you do with a brace fitted?’…..erm chewing gum is tricky, there are some foods you will find easier than others (but don’t worry you won’t starve!)

My point here, is that there is nothing  to be remotely afraid of, or bad enough to put anyone off having the treatment.

To anyone who is unhappy with the appearance of their teeth or smile, please speak to the team and explore your options. It’s a game changer – believe me!

Watch Charlotte talk about her upcoming treatment

Charlotte tells us what it’s like to wear braces

Charlotte has her braces removed

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