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Chewing Gum

Is chewing gum good for you?

Chewing after eating can help to reduce the acid content in your mouth. If you want to chew gum, be careful to choose a sugar free one, but be careful of aspartame, as there may be some evidence to suggest that it could increase your risk of lymphoma. Choose a gum that has Xylitol instead. Xylitol’s molecular structure slows the growth of bacteria on the tooth surfaces, stops the production of tooth decay-causing acid and neutralizes the pH level in saliva and plaque.

Chewing triggers your mouth to produce saliva. Which protects your mouth from decay and erosion because saliva acts as a barrier to your teeth. Reducing the possibility of developing carries that require filling.

Is it unhealthy to chew gum?

It depends on the type of gum you are chewing, if it contains sugar then this isn’t good for your teeth, you are effectively bathing your teeth in sugar, increasing your risk of tooth decay. However, if it is sugar free, then there are a number of positive health benefits of chewing gum.

How much chewing gum should you have each day?

It’s important to not chew gum too much, as this can lead to muscle aching and TMJ problems, everything in moderation.

Does chewing gum have any benefits?

Chewing gum can increase blood flow to your brain, which can help improve memory.

It can also help to reduce tiredness, helping you to stay alert, however if you are driving, please be safe, stop and take a break.

Nausea can be reduced by chewing as the production of saliva may ease the symptoms.

If you are aware of clenching your jaw during the day, then chewing gum can break the habit and reduce muscle tension, but please don’t over do it or it could cause you TMJ problems.

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