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My Six Month Smile Story

Justine is one of our receptionists at Evolve. I discovered the other day that she really hates her smile, I didn’t realise just how much though. After chatting with her, we decided that Six Month Smiles would be prefect for her, so so she has started her journey and is keeping a diary of how she feels, how things are going and just what isn’t so good. These are her words and this is her story:

Why I decided on Six Month Smiles:

I used to be OK with my smile My top teeth were fairly straight but could be improved and my bottom ones were quite uneven but it did not bother me  but age and numerous cups of black coffee later and I really began to see fault and began to stop smiling in photographs etc. When I joined Evolve in Feb 2013 all my new colleagues had lovely straight white teeth and it made me even more conscious  of my smile. I watched all the fantastic results happening with Carol’s Six Month Smiles patients and it really made my mind up to have something done.

Consultation time

I had my consultation with Carol today I don’t know why but I felt really nervous!! Carol explained everything thoroughly to me she took some x-Rays and some pictures of my smile. Carol gave me a treatment plan of what she expected to do and said that my next step was to book in to have impressions done. I was excited but really nervous at the same time.

I left making this appointment for ages I nearly backed out, I think I was thinking very vainly about what I would look like with braces, I spoke to a couple of other patients who were honest with me and told me they had suffered with sore gums, mouth ulcers, aching teeth, not being able to eat properly but only for the first week or two, and the fact they were having to clean their teeth much more often!! Carol chatted to me and said that if I didn’t just do it then I would keep finding excuses and she was right I kept thinking ” OK, I’ll have it done after my holiday or after that wedding we have or that party were going to… and so on.  So I went for it… It took about twenty minutes to half an hour whilst Carol took some moulds of my upper and lower teeth completely comfortable and painless and I actually felt a bit excited!

Braces on
My impressions went off to America and within two weeks they were back!! I’d got butterflies in my stomach thinking about it, I actually feel a little sick!! Am I doing the right thing?? I read my stars in the Daily Mail and they told me I have to stop being so negative!! Carol had a gap in her diary and I thought, let’s do it! Being in the chair was weird I saw my little box of wires and brackets on the side and thought “Gosh, what are they going to do with that!! ?” Forty minutes later it was all done top and bottom completely painless again,  my mouth was a bit achey being stretched open for that time but I was completely comfortable . Carol gave me the mirror and to be completely honest my first reaction was one of shock!! I did think to myself “What have I done???” It felt huge in my mouth quite alien, not painful but really odd. The girls in reception were laughing at me because I was trying to hide my mouth with my hand when I spoke but actually you really could not see it. My speech was OK as well I expected to have  a bit of a lisp after listening to some of the other patients but everyone is different. I went home and I had been on my exercise bike for half an hour chatting to my partner before he even noticed that I had my braces so that was good.

I will be keep blogging about my experience, so come back soon and find out how I am getting on.

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