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Navigating the Journey: A Comprehensive Guide to Amalgam Removal at Evolve Dentistry

At Evolve Dentistry, we prioritise the health and well-being of our patients by offering a holistic approach to dental care. One aspect that aligns with our commitment to overall wellness is the safer removal of amalgam fillings. Amalgam removal is a crucial step for those seeking a more biocompatible and metal-free dental solution. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the process of amalgam removal at Evolve Dentistry and shed light on the benefits of choosing this path to dental wellness.

Understanding Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings, commonly known as silver fillings, have been a staple in dentistry for decades due to their durability. However, they contain a mixture of metals, including mercury, which has raised concerns about potential health risks. At Evolve Dentistry, we recognise the importance of addressing these concerns and provide a safer and effective process for amalgam removal.

The Evolve Difference

Patient-Centered Approach

Our team at Evolve Dentistry understands that each patient is unique. Before initiating the amalgam removal process, we conduct a thorough examination, considering the patient’s overall health, dental history, and any existing health conditions.

Mercury Vapour Protection

The removal of amalgam fillings can release mercury vapour into the air. To ensure the safety of our patients and staff, Evolve Dentistry use specialist suction around the tooth being, filtering mercury vapour during the removal process.

Nutritional Support

Recognising that the body’s ability to detoxify is crucial, Evolve Dentistry provides advice on nutritional support before and after amalgam removal. This holistic approach aims to enhance the body’s natural detoxification processes, supporting the overall health of our patients.

The Amalgam Removal Process


Before the removal procedure, our team takes precautionary measures to minimise mercury exposure. This includes the use of protective barriers called rubber dam, mercury vapour filtration systems, and damp gauzes being applied to the eyes to avoid mucosal absorption.

Safe Removal Techniques

Evolve Dentistry employs safe removal techniques endorsed by organisations such as the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). This involves minimising the generation of mercury vapour through precise cutting and sectioning of the amalgam filling.

Biocompatible Replacement

Following the safe removal of amalgam fillings, we select the most biocompatible materials currently available for dental restorations, such as Admira Fusion composite or ceramic alternatives.

Post-Removal Detoxification Support

To support the body’s natural detoxification processes, Evolve Dentistry provides guidance on post-removal protocols, including nutritional supplements.

Please note that we only offer amalgam removal following this protocol if specifically requested by the patient.

At Evolve Dentistry, we believe in empowering our patients to make informed decisions about their oral health. Amalgam removal is a vital step towards achieving a more biocompatible and metal-free smile. Our commitment to patient-centred care, advanced technologies, and a holistic approach sets us apart as a trusted partner in your journey to optimal dental wellness. If you’re considering amalgam removal, book a consultation with us today to find out more.

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