Case Study – Straight Teeth for Steve

I had always been very self conscious about my teeth, never showing my teeth when I smiled and so decided to look around to find at dentist that might be able to help me.

I chose Evolve Dentistry, in Portishead, because it’s a local business, which I was keen on supporting, it was also really convenient for me. Julie, the Treatment Co-ordinator, was great at explaining what treatments were available and taking me though the costs. It’s a lovely clean and modern practice and a very pleasant place to be.

I had braces fitted at Evolve, by Lisa, the Specialist Orthodontist. Wearing the braces was fine, after a week or so I got used to them and almost forgot they were even there. The treatment went very fast and was pretty easy!  Not many people noticed I even had braces and when they did most people were very interested and a lot said they had thought about getting braces themselves.

I’m so glad I chose to get a brace, the results have been amazing and I’m so much happier with my smile, the difference it’s made in quite a short amount of time has been huge! I would recommend it to anyone who is self conscious of their teeth or just wants some slight improvements – it’s really worth it!


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