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The Way To Pain-Free Dentistry?

I have a belief that all dentistry should be pain free and stress free for all involved. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and this can result in anxiety or even a phobia developing. I often see the result of someone being so anxious about dental treatment that they put it off until they have no option than to attend and then, usually in pain. This results in a continually negative experience as they never can associate a trip to the dentist without pain and stress.

There are a few reasons that most people will cite for being scared of the dentist and usually in my experience they are:

  • not liking injections or needles
  • having pain during treatment
  • worrying about feeling pain during the appointment
  • not being listened to
  • a bad experience as a child or adult

I find that just a good conversation can go a long way to allay some of these fears with plenty of reassurance. Most people think that they are the only ones who feel this way and are often embarrassed, but studies have shown that between 30-60% of the British population have some level of anxiety when visiting the dentist. I think that there is no need to do any treatment unless a patient is completely numb and comfortable and this is a promise that I make to my patients. We also use a stop signal if someone needs me to stop for ANY reason, a cough, sneeze, to nip to the loo, have rinse etc

I want our patients to experience the best possible experience that they could have in a dental practice when they visit us at Evolve. We do this in many ways, we don’t really look like a dental practice, we don’t smell like a dental practice, we serve proper coffee, amazing tea, we even serve champagne,  we listen to our patients and we invest in equipment and skills to ensure that we are as up to date as possible. Recently I invested in a piece of kit call The Wand STA.

Evolve Dentists
A pain free injection systemThis is an amazing system that delivers the local anaesthetic in a pain free method. The advantage of being able to do this allows me to inject into sites that I would normally avoid as they can be painful but why would I want to do this? It results in far less local anaesthetic being used and only the tooth or teeth that I am working on being made numb.What else is good about this?  No more numb tongue or lips for hours after your appointment, you can get on with your day without the risk of dribbling, biting or burning yourself.We have been using this for a few days and the results are amazing, everyone who has tried it has said it’s been a better experience that any other that they had previously experienced. Happy patients make for a happy dental team.If you want to find out more about how The Wand can transform your dental experience, why not give us a call?
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