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White Fillings That Will Make You Proud Of Your Smile Again

People are now looking after their teeth better than ever before. In an age where appearance matters – both socially and professionally – a beautiful natural looking smile is the ideal way to make a great impression.

Every aspect of dental care is now carefully more than ever before by the average person. Toothpaste options are chosen wisely, while toothbrushes are replaced with greaterregularity.

Whitening treatments have never been in greater demand as the importance of having that beautiful smile has taken on a whole new meaning.

More and more people are having their teeth straightened and aligned with simple braces. For so long braces were seen as an option solely for young people, but age is never a barrier in the pursuit of great looking teeth. And why should it be?

An ugly treatment turned pretty:

With so many outstanding options available all geared towards enhancing the overall appearance of a person’s dental structure, it is difficult to fathom why one aspect of dental treatment remained so ugly for quite so long. The amalgam or silver filling.

Increasingly, more and more people are living their lives without ever needing a filling, but some people will need a filling placed in one of their back teeth during their lifetime. However, for decades these fillings have been the antithesis of everything that combines to make a beautiful white smile. Why? Because they have been black or silver in colour.

And whilst most fillings are inserted close to the back of a person’s mouth, these unsightly coloured fillings can become clearly visible when a person laughs or finds some other reason to open their mouth wide. We have all seen these fillings and thought to ourselves, ‘that doesn’t look good at all’.

Nobody who pays a visit to the dentist to get a filling should leave the dentist’s practice with one or a number of their teeth looking black or silver.

White fillings blend in with the colour of your teeth:

Like it or hate it – and we hate it – that’s the way it has been for a number of years. That very concept alone goes against everything that a visit to the dentist is supposed to represent.

However, with the preference for a natural white smile more prominent than ever in the public psyche, silver and black fillings now appear more unsightly than ever before and have been all but been phased out.

Many people who have them are looking into the possibility of getting them replaced. These amalgam fillings have been used since the turn of the last century, largely due to their strength and durability.

If every aspect of your smile is white and stunning, it makes no sense to do yourself a disservice with dated and unsightly looking black or silver fillings.

Your smile is Evolve Dentistry’s priority:

Evolve Dentistry are leading the way in their field at the moment, and that’s largely because they provide such an outstanding array of services that cover all areas of dentistry, from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry.

Evolve provide porcelain and composite material-based fillings that are tooth-coloured and mercury-free. They understand that, in order for your entire smile to look radiant and white, your fillings must seamlessly blend in with their surroundings.

From the moment you walk through the doors at Evolve Dentistry,  Portishead, you will realise that you have come to the right place. The expert staff are dedicated to delivering the very best service, whether you are looking for fillings, braces, a whitening treatment or any of our numerous services.

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