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Would you like some good news?

I am not sure about the rest of you, but I have got to a point where I don't really want to listen to the news or read the papers as it's all bad news. If it's not about the eurozone, it's about the bad and unseasonable weather, if it's not about the weather, it'a…

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How nice is the loo?

If you have ever read this blog before, you may have noticed that I am keen on customer  service in any industry, I am also interested in how other companies generate business as Evolve is a relatively new dental practice and we are still growing, so monitor where all our patients come from. This week…

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What do you do with your toothbrush?

The British Dental Health Foundation is a charity that promotes oral health to the nation. They regularly carry out surveys and this one about toothbrushes I thought was quite amusing. What do you do with your toothbrush? Here's what they found: The national survey uncovered that more than four in every five of us go…

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Who wants a Hollywood smile?

Is this your idea of a perfect Hollywood smile? For years the Americans have laughed at us for having awful teeth this side of the pond, the British teeth are a joke. I have just come back from my fifth British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry conference and I know that here in England we are…

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