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Adult braces Portishead

Adult braces

Is it worth getting braces as an adult?

As well as improving the appearance of your smile, braces can also be a great way to improve your overall oral health. Misaligned teeth can mean it’s difficult to keep certain areas clean, which can lead to a higher risk of cavities or other oral health issues.

Do braces take longer for adults?

Straightening adult teeth can actually take less time than straightening teenagers and children as often it does not involve extractions, so the process can be quicker, but everyone is individual and teeth move at different times.

How long do adults usually wear braces for?

Everyone’s orthodontic treatment is different, so it’s not possible to give an average. However, most treatments take between 12-18 months. It’s possible for treatment to take as little as 3 months for very simple, straightforward cases.

What kind of braces are best for adults?

There are a huge range of options available to adults looking to straighten their teeth. The most popular options are clear braces, such as Invisalign and ceramic braces, which are white coloured brackets with a white wire.

Is it worth getting braces at 40?

Having straighter teeth will improve your smile, which in turn will help improve your confidence. There is no upper age limit for braces, at Evolve we’ve helped patients in their 70’s to get the smile they’ve always wanted.

What to expect when you get adult braces

When you wear braces you will need to spend a little longer on your cleaning and maintenance to ensure that your braces are kept as clean as possible. There will be certain foods that your orthodontist will advise you not to eat, such as sticky or hard food.

Why are my teeth getting crooked as I get older?

As we age, teeth naturally crowd towards the front of your mouth, leading to your teeth becoming crooked. The sooner this is addressed, the quicker and easier your treatment will be.

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